Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Inexpensive way to earn money

An ugly yet undeniable truth about new business opportunity is that thousands of people get involved in it that lead to manipulation, and exploitation of a huge market segment.

There is no lack of opportunities in market these days. There are whole lots of money making opportunities well within the home business industry.
However, people are aware of just 3 business models in home business arena. Let’s probe a little in one of the business model known as affiliate marketing. Although underestimated, it is an effective and efficient business model. It can easily be termed as one of the easiest way to make money. All you need to do is to sign up for different affiliate programs and money starts pouring in almost instantly.

In majority of the cases it is absolutely free to join a program. An affiliate marketer, advertise products and services of a particular company, the marketer earns commission when a customer visits the company or make a purchase through this campaign.

An example of affiliate marketing is as follows, you must have noticed the number of books that are promoted through Amazon. The fact behind the scene is; most of these websites are affiliates of Amazon. When someone clicks on the link to make a purchase the owner of the website is automatically paid through Amazon.

Some benefits of affiliate marketing are:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Word Press.
  • Make use of W3 Total Cache as plug-in for Word Press
  • Reduce unnecessary queries on PHP.
  • Remove all the unnecessary plug-ins which provides little or no value to your website.
  • Do not make your page exceedingly heavy; try to keep the size within 100kb. Use images and videos that are relevant to the page and compress them properly.
  • Make use of external scripts, rather than having innumerable amount of codes in the website, it is better to have external scripts. This way the browser does not have to read the script for every other page.