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Corporate Designing

Giving Face to Your Business

Corporate designing can be described as designing the official logo or name of a company that gives the company or institution its unique identification.

web DesigningThis design is used in envelops, letter heads, folders, forms and brochures of the company. The crucial thing to be kept in mind during corporate designing that the elements should be arranged in distinctive design and pattern.

It also includes the type and color of ink that is used in designing the corporate logo including its type faces. Even government organizations have their own corporate design. Federal cabinet of Germany introduced in June 1999, a corporate design to be put on the German flag.

At times there is certain ambiguity associated with the term corporate design as there is no particular profession linked to it. These logos and design is like the face of a company or an organization. It is through these things that a consumer distinguishes one company from another.


To create a distinct image in the minds of the target consumers it is essential to have a clean and well proportioned font style. It also depicts the type of policies followed by the company, for instance, Organization that are conservative follow a serif typeface.

Web designer must be aware that a single typeface is not displayed in same manner across different browsers. It is better to embed such text in images.


A corporate business is defined by a brand. An organization name can also acts as its brand. Branding is not about making a market choose an organization over the other, it is about to make target consumer believe that they are the only solution provider to their problems.

There are various other parameters attached to corporate designing, and we at 3 Beavers have been doing it proficiently since quite some time. Our professionalism is backed by positive feedback from our clients.