Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Online content is quickly becoming the pre-eminent way to reach out to potential clients and to reaffirm ties with existing ones. The ability to see how people reach and use your website can be crucial in making your business decisions.

Google Analytics is a great solution for enterprises looking to adopt a more rewarding approach. It’s free, easy to use, and has great features. As long as you take care with the implementation and set-up the right reports, it can be the perfect analytics package for you.

Reviewing Google Analytics setup

We will review your existing Google analytics configuration and benchmark it with the industry best practices. We will make recommendations that will help you fine tune the tracking. We will audit your website to ensure the GA tracking code is correct and inserted into the right places. We ensure that the right profiles and filters have been set-up and that the reports are not affected by data leaks or unnecessary noise. The review will validate Google analytics set up and confirm that it is correct and meets your specific reporting needs.
Implementing Google analytics Profiles and Filters

In consultation with you we will create filters and setup different profiles of your web data. Google analytics profiles are the best way to control access to your reports. By creating different profiles, we can ensure that each stakeholder can only access the reports they need. As part of the profile set-up exercise we will also create the filters necessary for including or excluding certain data. For example set up a filter to exclude all traffic coming from within your organization. Filtering the data to include traffic coming in from a specific country is another example.

Setting up Google analytics Goals & Funnels

We work with you to identify the macro and micro goals of your website and configure Google analytics to track these goals. GA tracks four types of goals, URL Destination goals, Time on Site goals, Pages per Visit goals and Event goals. We will configure the appropriate goals after understanding your business and reporting requirements. We will also configure goal values that will track the monetary value of non-ecommerce goals.

Analysis of Goal Funnel paths provides key insights in to your visitor’s online behavior. We will configure the Google Analytics Goal Funnels to help you understand visitor behavior, track points of disengagement and take actions to improve conversions.

Adding GA Dashboards & Scheduling Reports by Email

One of the most powerful features of Google Analytics is the ability to create dashboards. We will work together with you to map your reporting requirements and create various dashboards. Setting up the right dashboards will ensure your stakeholders can instantly access all information quickly. We can also help you set-up GA to automatically email reports to your stakeholders. You can choose the format of the report (Excel, CSV, PDF or XML) and also the frequency of the report (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly).
Setting up Internal Search Tracking

Recruiting a visitor to your site is admittedly a huge challenge. The greater challenge is to ensure that your visitors can access the content relevant to them. When a visitor is unable to get the information they are looking for they typically use the site search box. Thus understanding the site search behavior of your visitors will help you optimize your content and improve conversions. We can set-up the internal search tracking feature of Google analytics and give you access to reports about what your visitors expect from your site.
Adding Advanced Segmentation & Custom Reports on Google analytics

By default all web analytics tools provide aggregated data. However no website exists to cater to the needs of just one type of user. Analyzing the data by different segments of users helps you gain insights that are actionable. We can understand your reporting needs and create the necessary advanced segments. We understand that the set of standard reports provided by GA may not be sufficient for all your stakeholders. We can create and configure Google custom reports to help you fully leverage the advanced reporting capabilities of GA.
Troubleshoot Google analytics configuration

No two websites are the same, further the reporting requirements of two websites are never the same. You may have identified issues with your current Google analytics setup or suspect the data is inaccurate. We can troubleshoot your GA configuration and help you resolve issues. We can help implement solutions that are built using the advanced features of GA and ensure that the GA implementation fully caters to the reporting requirements of all your stakeholders.