Link Building

Link Building

Link building refers to the process of creating inbound links to websites. Search engines crawl the web by making use of the links and carry out sophisticated analysis to determine as to how well and in what ways the links are related. Considering links as votes and using complex algorithms, search engines evaluate popularity as well as the importance of the site before ranking websites. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not all about link building, but a large part of a search engine’s algorithms are related to link-based factors, according to experts. Links help search engines to analyse not only a website’s popularity, but also metrics such as spam, trust and authority. Trustworthy websites get linked to other websites that are trusted, spammy websites do not receive many links from sources that are trustworthy. It takes a professional SEO consultant in order to identify the best/most authoritative linking websites.

Advantages of Link Building

It helps to generate quality traffic, especially from relevant websites, contributing to an increase in sales. High quality links improve a website’s popularity and authority. It helps to create awareness, credibility and visibility of a website. It helps to obtain greater search engine exposure which in turn improves the website’s ranking.

Methods of Link Building

Reciprocal Linking- referred to as link exchange, it entails two webmasters agreeing to display their link in the website of the other. This type of linking ensures mutual traffic, but is not considered by search engines any longer as does not point to genuine link popularity.

Resource Linking – This is a hyperlink to a specific webpage or a website itself that contains useful, beneficial and relevant content that the visitors to a website might need. This type of linking to resources and information websites can either be unidirectional or bidirectional. The importance of resource links has grown as search engines have incorporated this aspect into their algorithms that they use for indexing websites.

Forum Signature Linking – This technique helps in building backlinks for a website through a member’s signature in a forum. In this method, forum communities that permit outbound hyperlinks are made use of to quickly build inbound links to a website to improve its SEO value.

Linking Through Blog Comments- Another method of linking a website is by leaving a comment for a blog. Though search engines may not seriously consider the links provided on blog comments in their algorithms, readers of blogs may click on the links if they feel that the comment is well written and relevant to the discussion and content of the blog.

Directory Link- A web directory specialises in connecting to other websites and categorising these links. Website owners may submit the link to their websites to many web directories. Whereas some directories list website links for free, some others charge a fee for the service.

Social Bookmarking Links – Social bookmarking involves categorising and saving web pages in public locations on the web. Since social bookmarks consist of anchor text and are stored as well as shared, they have higher SEO value.

Summarising, it is important to have a clear understanding of the elements that search engines take into consideration in their algorithms to establish the popularity, authority and value of a website before embarking upon a link building campaign. Building links is the most challenging part of SEO and is critical for the success of any website.

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