Micro Site Development

A microsite is a website developed to target one particular product, service or campaign. You can use it to communicate a novel product carried by your organization, an upcoming exhibition, an important event like an initial public offering, or a time-based push by your sales force in a particular business offering. Microsites can help you create buzz, excitement and emphasis as well as help you break away from the clutter.

Many established e-commerce web development companies produce microsites for each of their product lines in order to associate each one individually with a highly specific visual style. Product-targeted microsites also provide the user with accurate, relevant information as quickly as possible, thus reducing attrition rates and enhancing customer retention.

Gettec Media has the experience and know-how to deliver results-driven microsites. A team of savvy web specialists produces microsites that concentrate viewers’ attention on campaign particulars so that your audience does not get distracted or confused.

Why choose Gettec Media for micro-sites design?

-Experience: Gettec Media has done extensive work with marketing managers and many brand directors
-No Templates: Custom and 100% unique microsites with eye-catching designs.
-A Simple Process: A highly advanced project extranet enables you to communicate directly with designers and the customer service team in an easy and effective manner.
-Fast and Efficient Service: An in-house design team and developers enables Gettec Media to offer a quick turnaround time on projects.