SEO Training

Seo Training

web DesigningSEO is a very diverse and complex area of Internet marketing that can only be fully comprehended with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Here at Gettec Media we understand that you want to keep work in house where possible as in the long run, this works out a lot more cost effective. It’s for this reason that we offer SEO training, support and SEO consulting. Receiving professional SEO training from Gettec Media will grant you the ability to maintain and manage a previously set up optimisation campaign. SEO courses are available in a number of different packages suitable for all budgets.

Although there are a lot of guides for various SEO procedures out there, it’s important to understand how best to implement them together to complement each other – more or less any search engine optimisation guide will tell you this. This is because certain SEO techniques work best when combined with others. For this reason, just looking at one search engine optimisation tutorial is never enough. Not only this, but most of these guides are written for people with an SEO or Internet marketing background and so will be full of jargon. We understand that this will need to be explained which is why we offer our SEO services training courses on a 1-to-1 basis in order to ensure that you fully understand the procedures going in to your campaign. Gettec Media also provide documentation to refer back to the SEO course should you require it.

We provide SEO training on a number of areas:

Indentifying Best Phrases for Industries: We can show you how to carry out your keyword analysis and what metrics to take into consideration when deciding one which keywords are going to drive the most traffic. This way, you can predict which keywords are going to be the most valuable to your company. Our keyword analysis training is a comprehensive guide to getting your SEO campaign off the floor.

Web Page Layout: Gettec Media can provide training to allow you to alter aspects of the web page layout for optimisation purposes. If the search engine spiders find the company keywords, they’ll associate the page with them and thus increases the chances of ranking for the keywords.

Webmasters Account Setup: Google webmasters is a very useful tool for a wide range of trouble shooting and analytical techniques. There are a lot of uses ranging from redirects, to link checking. We show you all the recommended techniques as well as how to trouble shoot.

Google Local: Google Maps and Local services can provide a large boost for your business, especially if your company offers localised services. People use Google Local when searching for local businesses. We will teach you how to optimise your Google maps page to ensure that you appear high in the local results. This can allow you to compete both in the natural results and within map listings. Maps listings are sometimes brought across in to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Google Analytics: When you have an SEO campaign in place, you’ll want to see how well your site is doing. Well this is exactly what Google analytics can give you. It is used to analyse sites to see where they are lacking and where they are strong. For example, if you’ve got lots of traffic coming through the site, but a high bounce rate, then you may not know this without analytics and think that your SEO isn’t working.

Social Media Optimisation: Social media optimisation is the way forward in the Internet marketing world. Gettec Media will teach you how to optimise your social media landing pages to increase the user experience and conversion rate when they come to your landing page. We will also provide you with strategies, software and techniques for interacting with customers and building stronger relationships.

For search engine optimisation training, we can make regular workplace visits in order to educate on the field. We also offer support and guidance over the phone as part of the SEO services package. As a transparent company, we want you to know exactly what’s going on with your website and this is why we encourage search engine optimization training to show you exactly how we do it.