Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Know Your Website’s worth

Whatever you do in life be it in professional or personal front, you set a parameter for yourself to judge your work.

same thing applies for website designer or owners of website, after creating website and doing all what it take to get your website noticed, one needs to judge the performance of the website or how is your website perceived by people at large.

Free tools are available on internet that can put your curiosity to rest, they provide free analysis and ranking of a website, how many people are visiting the website and the amount of time each person visitor is spending on the website. It can also calculate the revenue generated through these visits.

Tracking Websites

A web master is mainly concerned about two topics. The popularity of the website and the technical statistics in the news feed generated from the website. To take care of the former, search engines look for content that are relevant to the website and internet browser use this parameter to keep track of the recent changes in a website.

Analyzing Website

Through free analysis tools available on the website, one can not only keep track of the performance of one’s own website but can also see how well competitor websites are doing. All you need to do is just type in your URL and can find out how many times your website is being visited through social networking websites.

One can also check in which countries a particular websites is clicked, and which search engine is recognizing it more. One can also find out what people are normally typing in search engines to get to websites similar to yours. These free tools can also give you information like programming language used in the website, owner’s details, DNS record, and IP address.